Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Wallpaper Uses....Lampshades

What do you do with the scraps when you are done wallpapering your wall?  Why not turn them into a fabulous lampshade...All you need is a little wallpaper, an old lampshade, a little butchers paper, some scissors and some spray glue!

Step one...Lay the butcher paper on a flat surface on the floor

Step two....Place the lamp shade on its side with the seam on one edge of the paper, leaving plenty of room to roll the shade over the paper.

Step three...Starting at the seam on the lamp shade, trace the shape of the top as you roll the lamp shade out until you reach the seam again (pencil works best for this).  Repeat this with the bottom.  Most lamp shades will leave you with a crescent shape or a long rectangle.

Step four...Add one inch to the top and bottom of the pattern you have drawn to ensure you have enough paper to work with.  Cut this pattern out and set it on your wallpaper, with the patterned side of the wallpaper facing up.  Sometimes it is easier if you tape this on the paper gently with some scotch tape, you can also trace it with a pencil is easier for you.

Step five...Cut out the wallpaper, using the pattern you made as the guide.

Step six...Hold the wallpaper around the shade to make sure it is going to fit.

Step seven...Lay the wallpaper pattern side down on top of some butcher paper or newspaper.  Spray the entire piece of wallpaper with spray adhesive.  You can also paint on some fabric glue with a soft brush if that is what you have around the house.

Step eight...Lay the lampshade onto the wallpaper (the side you just sprayed without the pattern).  You want to start with the seam of the lampshade on the edge of the wallpaper.  Slowly roll the lampshade onto the rest of the wallpaper.  You will want to gently smooth out the wallpaper as you go along.

Step nine...Slowly curl the wallpaper around the top and the bottom edge of the lampshade.  Sometimes you need to cut little slits every few inches to help the wallpaper lay flat on the lampshade.  If the wallpaper is not immediately sticking put some wooden clothes pins on the top and bottom to hold it in place while the adhesive dries.

Step ten (optional)...If you want you can also add a trim to your lampshade.  A fabric trim works as well as ribbon(attached with spray adhesive or hot glue), adhesive floral tape, some fun fringe!

Tips:  You may want to test a small piece of wallpaper with the spray adhesive before you spray the whole pattern.  Sometimes with thinner wallpaper the glue will seep through.  Also for best results use a plain white lamp shade....If you are in the Salt Lake area DI always has a good selection of these for around a dollar!

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Here are some fun examples of wallpapered lampshades:

Photos Courtesy of Decor Pad, Etsy, Apartment Therapy and Martha Stewart.


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